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What is incorporated within SEO services and Website Marketing?

The earliest roots of SEO services can be traced back to the 1960’s where Gerald Salton’s team at Harvard and Cornell Universities crafted an informational retrieval system called SMART. ‘ARCHIE’ (shortened from ‘Archive’) followed this in the 1990’s with a much more tailored approach to search. Archie used a query method that combined a script data gatherer with a regular expression matcher for retrieving file names, which enabled it to build up a database of web filenames that it could then match to a subsequent user query.

Since that time many search engine companies (Aliweb, Looksmart, Lycos, Inktomi, Infoseek etc…) have tried to create a profitable, successful and sustainable business model and failed. Google is still and has been, the main player in the search engine arena since its inception in 1998 - however Microsoft are now taking this seriously with the advent of the purchase of Yahoo and their new Bing service.

Google continues to refine its algorithm, which it uses to determine a websites relevance to the user search, so that it can follow its message of making a rapid search as relevant as possible for the user . Companies soon realised that it made good business sense to be on the first page of Google as it is key to promoting or selling their services or products.

Good SEO means website presence and good Website Marketing means more sales.

The old Yellow Pages adage of simply ‘being in the book’ doesn’t apply any more. Time, convenience and relevance are some of the most important factors for today’s searcher with relevance being the key for the search engine. The search engines are now guiding users through the decision process, website style is an important factor but it’s use,ease of communication,and calls to action, become key factors in the sales cycle.

So when the user gets to your website what do you do?

The main purpose in retail for example is to sell the user a service or product , have a think about what you do when you buy something in a shop for example.
The shop will:

a) Display their purchasable items

b) Make it simple for you to get information on products or services

c) Most important of all, they make it easy for you to buy them.

All of these rules apply when creating your website shop front. Examples of this are specials deals and impulsive buys at the checkout.

Don’t make the website a spectacular experience, people may stay and browse and admire but probably won’t buy - Don’t dazzle, coerce.

SEO services is the key to it, without SEO and page one of Google, you simply don’t exist.

SEO services now are key to getting your website to page one of Google

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