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Fix Google Redirect Virus - How To Put An End To Annoying Search Redirects

The Google redirect
is a type of virus that operates by altering the Google
search engine results so that it displays affiliate and advertisement
links instead of the real search results. Your computer gets infected
by visiting an infected site. A trojan downloads in the background
secretly. It usually executes whenever you open your browser. The other damage it can cause is
to redirect the pages of the websites to spam and ad websites or bring
up ad pop ups on the screen. Users who are experiencing this type of problems
do not need to worry because they can easily fix Google redirect virus
and also keep their systems away from future attacks by it.

Once you
have calmed down, open the System32 folder. This is the first step to href="http://www.redirectvirusremoval.net">fix Google redirect virus.
You can find it in the Windows folder. If you cannot find the Windows
folder look for it either on your local drive or drive C In the
folder, the users are required to find the “regedit.exe” file and right
click on it. Rename "regedit.exe" to something you
can remember. After that disable it.
Why? Because this is the place where the Google redirect virus executes
from.Once you
have completed this step, download anti-mailware and run it. Please note
that it is really important to download the most up to date version of
anti malware to make sure that the software will actually find the
virus. It will also help to get rid of other trojans, worms, and
viruses your PC is infected with. Another
important note: make sure the website you are downloading anti
malware  from is secure and reputable. You do not want to end up
infecting your computer with even more viruses, do you? This is
important because there are many unscrupulous vendors who offer spyware
as software and the user will be exposing their systems to more harm. It is important to scan all files and folders on your
harddrive. This is to make sure that the software finds all threats and
infections on your PC and can fix them.

Once the scan has been
completed and all infections have been fixed with the help of the anti
malware software, go back to your System32 folder. You probably
remember that you renamed "regedit.exe". Rename it back to
"regedit.exe" now. Once this is done, on the start menu,  click on
run and then type in regedit so as to be taken to the Registry Editor
window. You will now
have to search for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Once you located
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE select "software". Inside the
"software" folder select "Microsoft". In the "Windows" tab select
"Current Version" and "run"
Now look for
RegSVR32=%system%msmsgs.exe which you can find on the right window.
Once you found it right click and select "delete".  

Ensure that the executable file is stated as mentioned above and avoid
as much as possible to delete any other file as they may end up getting
rid of important registry files, forcing you to re-install the
operating system. In oder to complete the
process, you will have to reboot your PC.

If you did everything correctly, href="http://www.redirectvirusremoval.net">Google redirect virus
should have been removed from your system. Try it! Go to Google and search for
something. If the virus is indeed gone, you
should now see real search results and not fake links. I highly recommend updating your anti-virus
software to make sure you don't get re-infected.

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